Public Shows



The Snake Artist can be seen at 3 public events each year.

The Tasmanian Craft Fair

Arts on Fire

Spirit of Tasmania Artist on board program

What's on Spirit of Tasmania


Below, some of the public art activities done on Spirit of Tasmania


Below are some of the speed paintings done on the ship 'Spirit of Tasmania'.
Each painting takes about 3 to 4 hours.


Below The Syndey Cove Story

All these paintings were created on the Spirit of Tasmania.



On the Spirit of Tasmania early 2016 Artists on Board passengers could watch a collaboration between Snake Artist and Krystal Clancy. The theme of the work was the story of Captain Joshua Slocum as he sailed Bass Strait as part of his famous solo world tour. Passengers enjoyed seeing the mixed media works that included screen-printing, acrylics, water colour, collage and pencils.

Below are the finished pieces




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