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The Snake Artist is teaching drawing and printmaking in Northern Tasmania, TasTAFE Devonport campus.
Below are links to TasTAFE Art Courses

CUV30111 Certificate III in Visual Arts

CUV40111 Certificate IV in Visual Arts

Also there are free 'how to draw' lessons on the Snake Artist youtube channel


Useful videos for art students


5 Reasons to Draw from Real Life, Not from Photos.
Stromatolites and Improving drawing Skills.
(Advanced) How to Draw Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus and putting in Details
Advanced 'How to Draw', Tips on Colouring
Refine Your Art Style (How to Draw-Advanced)
How to Draw T Rex by scribbling
How to Draw T-Rex, without Photos
How to Draw with a Nib Pen
How to stipple dark areas and stay sane
How to Draw a Cicada
how to draw a stick insect
How to draw Clouds with Ink and be an Ink Star
How to Draw the Weedy Sea Dragon (Beginner)
How to Draw the Stingaree (Shading for Beginners)
How to Draw a Great White Shark (intermediate)
How to Draw an Alligator
How I Draw a Saber Tooth (Advanced)
How to Draw a Butterfly (beginner)
How to Draw the Red Back Spider
How to Draw the Collared Lizard
How to Draw the Spotted-tailed Quoll
How to draw- Lizard vs Spider
How to Draw a Crab (Beginner)
How to Draw Crabs (Advanced)




How to Make an Etching (Safer way of Printmaking)
How to Print with a Pasta Press
Printmaking with Records
How to Clean up without Turpentine
How to Chine Colle with a Mono-type
How to get started in Screen Printing
How to made a Photo Stencil for Screen Print
How to Print a Screen-print
How to Chine Colle' a Mono-print on to Etching
Screen-printing Body-paint on People
How to make a Dry-point Print
How to Make a Lino Cut Print
Stencil Ghost Print- A New Way of Printmaking
How to Chine-collé in printmaking
how to make a Photopolymer for intaglio printmaking
How to Mono-Type Print
How to Mono-type print 2, in colours
How to make a Monoprint
How to Monoprint in 2 colours
How to Collagraph print
How to Collagraph print, troubleshooting?
How to Collagraph Print in Colour.
How to Collagraph Print, plus Viscosity Printing
How to intaglio print in 4 colours
woodcut print -Alligator
How to photo screen-print AT HOME!



32 Live Paintings , in 32 Days
How to Paint a Snake
Painting like you have never seen before - Arts on Fire 2013
Batman spray paint art
Step by Step, Rocky Horror Stencil Art.
LIVE Painting with Power Tools at Jackey's Marsh Forest Festival
The devil's last supper
painting a Lace monitor
How to do over 100 hours of painting



A Guide to Illustration : The Lost World - The Allosurus
A Guide to Illustration : 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, part 1
A Guide to Illustration : 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, part 2
Tiger Snake Tattoo
Snake tattoo design





Look through Sketch Book 2014
Working out the Composition and Painting a One Day Live Painting
My Wildlife Sketch Book
How to Draw Thumb-nail Sketches and Explore Ideas
32 Live Paintings , in 32 Days





Is it Okay to Draw Over Another Artist's Art? Goya and Hitler vs the Chapmans
Does Litchenstien Make Comics look Bad?
Was Warhol an Idiot or a Genius?
Folk Art Talk with Victor and Bill
Victor and Bill talk about folk Art 2.
Dr Who fan art. Is it really art?