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Hunt for the Tasmanian


Part of the three man team on two part TV show 'Hunt for the Tasmanian tiger'

For more information see the Thylacine Research Unit (TRU) facebook page

...and' the Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger' facebook page


Devil Diary

Fell in love with devils just before the filming of the Paul Scot film devil dairy.
Filmed at Trowunna wildlife park (the park I consider home) following the dramas and relationships with keepers and devils.



Had fun snake wrangling for snake wranglers season 2 episode 13.
Brian Bush and the National Geo film crew were fun to work with. Brian Bush investigates the cannibalistic nature of copperheads

National Geo snake website

Brian Bush page

I was also in an episode of "The Snake Crusader" on Animal Planet.

There are other TV screenings of my cartoon works at
Off Planet Films

Links to Radio interviews

Artist Bill Flowers on sketching snakes at striking distance

29 October, 2013 2:30PM AEDT
By Rick Eaves