About us

Bill Flowers and Jennifer Rowlands are both artists, and both have wildlife rescue,
zookeeper, and tour-guiding workplace skills.
Equipped with their combined experiences, Bill and Jen’s mission is to UNdemonise wildlife.
By debunking myths and shining a light on once-feared marine and land animals, Bill and Jen
are reversing and undoing animals’ undeserved bad reputations, brought about by public
fear, media exaggeration, and misunderstanding.
For too long snakes, devils, sharks, and other innocent native animals have been the subject
of fear and loathing, unfortunately resulting in their unnecessary deaths.
However, together the husband-and-wife artist duo aim to communicate a love of all
wildlife, and the environment in which it needs to thrive in.
Creating high quality, hand-printed, eco-friendly products such as T-shirts, aims to support
and enhance the vital information presenters and educators, working with native animals at
wildlife facilities, are sharing with the public.
Educational art and wildlife videos via YouTube presentations aim to further emphasise the
wonder, even the beauty, in all animals who form part of a diverse and essential network of