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Reptile Shows

Bill and Jennifer have been educating the public about wildlife over many years. Recently live reptile displays are not only an excellent way of giving the public a strong conservation message, but also of educating people to be safe around venomous snakes. Today Bill and Jennifer provide three types of displays that suit a variety of events.

Venomous Serpent Display

For larger events

A portable 4 x 4 metre snake pit enables a crowd to freely gather for easy viewing of reptiles from a safe distance, especially from tiger snakes which have the potential to both instil fear and fascination.

Between talks about the myths and facts of venomous snakes, the public can watch the Snake Artist create a snake painting while chatting and answering one-on-one questions.

Jen’s Mini Shows

For small groups

For smaller groups, Lady Jennifer will bring in some non-venomous reptiles and other occasional creatures from nature (such as stick insects or colourful beetles) for people of all ages to touch and learn about.  

Jennifer is an enrolled nurse working within the aged care sector and has discovered that bringing the world of nature into Aged Care Facilities has proven to be an enriching highlight in the lives of residents who otherwise may not have opportunities or abilities to venture into the outside world to view our unique Australian wildlife.

All displays have risk assessment and public liability insurance.

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